Alaska Women Speak

Our Mission: Alaska women have stories to tell. Alaska Women Speak is the journal devoted to their expression of ideas, literature and art.

Alaska Women Speak  is published quarterly by Alaska Women Speak, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization.

Board of Directors
Pamela Simmons - President

Theresa Soley - Vice President

Olivia Garrett - Treasurer

Kersten Christianson - Secretary

MaryLee Hayes - Director

Ray Ball - Director

Alexa Cherry - Director of Social Media

Kersten Christianson, MFA, Poetry Editor

Susan Slocum Dyer, Prose Editor

Missy Ballinghoff, Layout Editor

Founder’s Circle
MaryLee Hayes

We are an all-volunteer organization. Subscriptions keep the printer printing and the postage paid, and we are grateful for our partnerships and generous donors! Together we create a publishing platform for Alaska Women to tell their stories. Will you join us? 

Alaska Women Speak is open for submissions! We are currently gathering prose, poetry and visual art possibilities for Fall 2024:  Rainy Season (Deadline August 15th). Simultaneous submissions are welcome.  However, should your work be accepted elsewhere, please notify us immediately via Submittable. We would be happy to congratulate you.   

***Please note:  We wish we could give complimentary copies of our beautiful issues to contributors, but as a small journal with a limited budget we are unfortunately unable to do so. If you want to make sure you receive the gorgeous summer issue in your mailbox, please subscribe upon notice of publication.  You may do so through our website:

*** Submission Guidelines Alaska Women Speak welcomes submissions in the following genres: poetry, fiction, memoir, creative non-fiction, and essay. We also publish some book reviews and work from visual artists for cover and in-text placement.    AWS proposes a theme for each of its quarterly installments, but  interesting and well-written pieces outside the proposed theme will be considered.  Please do not submit previously published work.  Please share work in a single entry file by genre through Submittable.  Documents should not contain any identifying information (name/address/email).  

Prose:  Preference is for submissions of 3,000 or fewer words, double-spaced. .doc, .docx files preferred.  Please submit work in a single doc by genre.  Please do not include identifying information on your submission.

Poetry:  4 poems MAX.  .doc, .docx files preferred.  Please submit work in a single doc by genre.  Please do not include identifying information on your submission.  Within Submittable, include a 2-3 sentence bio written in the third person including your name.  

  AWS is a non-profit, volunteer-run publication. We do not pay for submissions, but writers retain full rights to their work published in AWS.  We are also happy to support AWS writers through various social media platforms:  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  While AWS is not in a position to send out contributor copies, we welcome new subscriptions.  We also encourage readers to purchase copies from various booksellers throughout Alaska.  A listing of our amazing distributors is located on the back cover of AWS.

Alaska Women Speak